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Patients and parents always have questions regarding the need (or possibility of needing) teeth removed in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. Below are some points to consider when trying you are trying to make this important decision. These points refer to the extraction of permanent teeth and not baby or deciduous teeth.

Extraction Pros:
1. Less patient cooperation may be needed
2. Simpler treatment
3. A more certain outcome
4. Possibly a more stable result

Extraction Cons:
1. Healthy teeth would be removed
2. Space may open after braces are removed
3. The lips may move backwards as the spaces are closed
4. The cost and discomfort associated with removing the teeth
5. It takes time to close spaces - especially in adults

Non-Extraction Pros:
1. Healthy teeth don’t need to be removed
2. No space to open after treatment
3. Big, full smile, full lips
4. May not be able to create enough space

Non-Extraction Cons:
1. Usually requires more patient cooperation
2. Creating space in one area may cause crowding in another area (like second molars)
3. Possible future periodontal (gum tissue) problems from expanding teeth too far
4. Teeth may be more likely to crowd after treatment
5. Smile and lips that are too full


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